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I have been involved in research from the undergraduate level in several fields. During my Masters studies I worked in areas including fiber optic sensors and conducted a review of bridge inspection for Illinois Department of Transportation. My Ph.D. research involved earthen construction, specifically cement stabilized soil blocks (CSSB) in flexure. This experimental program was carried out at the Indian Institute of Science under the supervision Dr. Reddy, an expert in CSSB masonry. I was given this opportunity through the Fulbright program that I was awarded based on my proposal.

After my time in India I worked with Dr. Foster, my adviser at UIC, where we developed a unique finite element model with enhanced elements to handle discontinuities and a plasticity model to predict the behavior of the material after initial yielding. Overall, my doctoral work advanced our understanding of earthen masonry in several ways. Beginning with a full set of CSSB experimental results that included basic background information such as soil characteristics, to a set of experiments in flexural wallette testing that has never been performed and documented. Secondly, taking this experimental data and looking at the results to see if an existing masonry building code requirements are met. Finally, this same experimental data was used again to inform and verify a CSSB finite element application with a theoretical constitutive model, further expanding knowledge in this field.

I have a strong interest in continuing research in sustainable construction materials but would like to expand my research into various other fields including construction estimating , biomimicry, And complexity based studies.

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