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9 Published and In Press Peer-Reviewed Publications

Steltenpohl, C. N., Reed, J., & Keys, C.B. (2020). Toward the future: A conceptual review and call for research and action with online communities. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 11(1), 1-28.

McKibban, A.R., & Steltenpohl, C. N. (2019). Community psychology at a regional university: On engaging undergraduate students in applied research. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 10(2), 1-14.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Anderson, A.J., & Daniels, K.M. (2019). Giving community psychology away: A case for open access publishing. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 10(3), 1-14.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Shuster, M., Peist, E., Pham, A., & Mikels, J.A. (2019). Me time, or we time? Age differences in motivation for exercise. The Gerontologist, 59(4), 709-717.

Lakens, D., …, Steltenpohl, C. N., … Zwaan, R.A. (2018). Justify your alpha. Nature Human Behavior, 2, 168–171.

Moshontz, H., … Steltenpohl, C. N., …Chartier, C. R. (2018). The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing Psychology through a Distributed Collaborative Network. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 1(4), 501-515.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Reed, J., & Keys, C.B. (2018). Do others understand us? Fighting game community member perceptions of others’ views of the FGCGlobal Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 9, 1-21. 

Saw, A., Steltenpohl, C. N., Bankston-Lee, K., & Tong, E. (2017).Evaluation of a community-based “Street Team” brief intervention for tobacco cessation by and for young adults. Journal of Community Health, 43, 383–390.

McAuliff, K., Viola, J.J., Keys, C.B., Back, L.T., Williams, A.E. & Steltenpohl, C. N. (2014).Empowered and disempowered voices of low-income people with disabilities on the initiation of government-funded, managed health care. Psychosocial Intervention, 23(2), 115-123.

1 Provisionally Accepted Registered Report

Forscher, P.S., … Steltenpohl, C. N., … Chartier, C.R. (2020). A multi-site examination of stereotype threat in Black college students across varying operationalizations. Nature Human Behavior.

2 Publications In Review

Chin, J.M., DeHaven, A.C., Heycke, T., Holcombe, A.O., Mellor, D.T., Pickett, J.T., Steltenpohl, C. N., Vazire, S., & Zeiler, K. Improving the credibility of empirical legal research: Practical suggestions for researchers, journals, and institutions. Under review at Law, Technology, and Humans.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Montilla Doble, L. J., Basnight-Brown, D., Dutra, N. B., Belaus, A., Kung, C., Onie, S., Seernani, D. P., Chen, S., Burin, D. I., & Darda, K. M. Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science Global Engagement Task Force Report. Under review at Collabra: Psychology.

3 Publications in Preparation

Reed, J., Steltenpohl, C. N., & Keys, C.B. Making clear what is fuzzy about community membership: A prototypic approach. Plan to submit to Journal of Community Psychology.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Reed, J., & Keys, C.B. Beyond individual behaviors: Toward a multidimensional, ecological view of gamer identity.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Stewart, B., Shorten, C., Daniels, K.M., & Quinn, K.A. S/He is me: Self-identification in video games. Plan to submit to Social Cognition.

1 Published Book Chapter

McKibban, A.R., & Steltenpohl, C. N. (2019). Community organizing, partnerships, and coalitions. In L.A. Jason, O. Glantsman, J.F. O’Brien, & K.N. Ramian (Eds.), Introduction to Community Psychology: Becoming an Agent of Change. Pressbooks.

1 Book Chapter In Review

2020  Beshears, J.Ψ, Gjoneska, B., Schmidt, K., Pfuhl, G., Saari, T., McAuliffe, W.H.B., Steltenpohl, C. N., Onie, S., Chartier, C.R., & Moshontz, H. Psychological Science Accelerator: A promising resource for clinical psychological science. In S. Lilienfeld, A. Masuda, & W. O’Donohue (Eds.), Questionable Research Practices in Clinical Psychology. Springer.

8 Other Publications & Technical Reports

Steltenpohl, C. N., Montilla Doble, L.J., Basnight-Brown, D.M., Dutra, N.B., Belaus, A., Kung, C., Onie, S., Seernani, D., Chen, S., Burin, D.I., & Darda, K. (2021). Global Engagement Task Force report. Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science.

Ellis, C. Ψ, Laffoon, R. Ψ, & Steltenpohl, C. N. (2020). Advocating for mental health resources on campus. The Community Psychologist, 53(3), 45-49.

FORRT. (2019). Introducing a Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT). Preprint.

Steltenpohl, C. N. (2017).News from the Midwest. The Community Psychologist, 50(1), 28-29.

Beasley, C. R., Steltenpohl, C. N., & Stecker, E. Crowdsourcing mutual-help research funding. The Community Psychologist, 49(3), 32-34.

Steltenpohl, C. N., Weseman, K., & Sánchez, B. (2016). LGBTQA Student Services needs assessment. Center for Identity, Inclusion, and Social Change. Unpublished Report.

Steltenpohl, C. N., & Sánchez, B. (2015). Queer Peers mentoring evaluation. LGBTQA Student Services. Unpublished Report.

McKibban, A.R., & Steltenpohl, C. N. (2015). Map Evansville: A collaborative community project. Map Evansville.

ΨIndicates student co-author.

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