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Emily Holt, RDH, MHA, CDA, EFDA

Clinical Professor of Dental Hygiene/Assisting
Dental Hygiene Program

Health Professions Center - 2051

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About Me

I began my career in dental education at the University of Southern Indiana immediately upon graduation with my B.S. degree in 2001.  After working 6 years in private practice, I began full time employment at the University of Southern Indiana.  In addition to teaching my courses, I also teach a certificate program on local anesthesia for dental hygienists who are already in practice and a course in nitrous oxide and oxygen sedation for both dental hygienists and dental assistants.  I serve on the USI Promotions Committee and the College of Nursing and Health Professions' Faculty Review Committee in addition to other responsibilities.  In 2008 I became a consultant member of the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners, now known as the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments.  As a consultant, I travel to dental hygiene programs across the United States to examine dental hygiene students while they complete their clinical board examination. Dental hygiene practice influences my teaching and I continue to practice on Mondays at the office of Drs. Ray, Miles, and King in Evansville, Indiana.

Education and Certifications

Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene, 2000

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene Education/Health Services, 2001

Master of Health Administration, 2004


  • Registered Dental Hygienist in Indiana, 2000
  • Local Anesthesia Permit in Indiana, 2011
  • Certified Dental Assistant in U.S.A., 2008
  • Expanded Functions Dental Assistant certification, 2012
  • Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation certification, 2021


  • DTHY 313 Anatomy of the Head and Neck
  • DTHY 322 Periodontology
  • DTHY 405 General and Oral Pathology
  • DTHY 422 Clinical Application of Periodontology
  • DTHY 423 Pain Management in Dentistry
  • DTHY 441 Dental Hygiene Theory III
  • DTHY 451 Dental Hygiene Theory IV
  • DTHY 452 Dental Hygiene Clinic IV
  • DTAS 111 Oral Pathology

Research Interests

Interprofessional Collaboration Between Dental Hygiene and Nursing Students

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Educational Methodology Mentoring for Dental Hygiene Adjunct Faculty Members

Interprofessional Collaboration Between Dental Hygiene and Dietetics Students

Dental Hygiene Students’ Perceptions of Addictions and Working with Individuals with Addictions 

Recent Publications

Cervantes T, Reed B, Moeller S, Holt E. Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy to Extinguish Inflammation Seen in Rheumatoid Arthritis. RDH. June 2021.

Holt E. Clinical Examination Choices. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Students. April 2021.

Holt E. Dental Hygiene Students Want to Know: How Do I Prepare for the NBDHE. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Students. March 2020.

Sturgell K, Cowgill C, Herrmann R, Holt E. Putting Breast to the Test: An Observation of Caries Risk and Enamel Defects in Infants. RDH. February 2020.

Adkisson A, Holt E. Intervention Techniques for Discontinuation of Nonnutritive Sucking Habits. RDH. July 2019.

Holt E. Dental Benefits of Dairy Consumption. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. October 2019.

Morris C, Alhendi R, Holt E. Dietary Influence on Inflammation. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. January 2018.

Getz B, Carandang G, Harpenau S, Holt E. Shell Shocking Impacts from PTSD. Dental CE Digest. July 2017.

Reddington A, Coan L, Seibert S, Holt E, Stroud A, Cassel L. Abstracts for Posters Presented at the 2017 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. Journal of Dental Education. February 2017.

Cook S, Markle K, Holt E. The CDE Option. RDH. November 2016.

Holt E, McCullough J. Abstracts for Posters Presented at the 2016 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. Journal of Dental Education. February 2016.

Crowe M, Harness C, Hertel K, Holt E. Incorporating Essential Oils into Clinical Dentistry. RDH. October 2015.

Logsdon E, Komasinski B, Wess M, Holt E. The Truth about Gluten. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. October 2015.

Holt E, Potts T, Toon R, Yoder M. Oral Manifestations of Cancer Therapies: Advice for the Medical Team. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners. February 2015.

Holt E, Hoebeke R. Shine A Light. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. September 2012.

Parsons K, Holt E. Shape Your Future with an E-Portfolio. Access. May-June 2012.

Holt E, Carl Wolf D. Identifying and Treating the Oral Effects of Methamphetamine Use. The American Journal for Nurse Practitioners. March/April 2012.

Holt E, Werner S. An Inclusive Dental Hygiene Case of a Recovered Methamphetamine Addict. Access. April 2012.

Womack M, Holt, E. Oral Cancer Awareness in Women Recovering from Addictions. Access. November 2010.


Professional Organizations

American Dental Education Association

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