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Highlighted activity

  • STEM mentoring to support STEM teacher retention in Indiana
  • Creating a STEM community of practice to support STEM teacher retention in Indiana (ICH/USI/Notre Dame/Bulter/IPFW grant leadership team)
  • Building Excellence through professional learning communities
  • Mathematics in science, technology and engineering (EVSC/I-STEM MSP Grant Leadership team)
  • Project ConnecT: Phase 2 exploring how primary students and teachers utilize science trade books
  • The perceived key concepts in biology, geology, and chemistry across educational levels
  • Measuring elementary teachers’ perceptions as an initial and partial assessment of the impact of the Indiana Science Initiative
  • Middle school and high school foldables
  • Integrated chemistry and physics through investigation and exploration
  • Collaboration through chemistry
  • Development of a constructivist based biology I laboratory manual
  • Developing best practices in high school biology
  • Exploring GPS applications in science education
  • Enhancing middle school students’ graphing skills with handheld computer devices
  • Investigating the integration of handheld technology in the science classroom
  • Enhancing the science curriculum with handheld computer devices
  • Using Wisconsin fast plants and Indiana Science Standards to promote authentic science learning

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