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EDUC 214- Explores the use of the technology to enhance the teaching and learning process. Students will explore current research, issues, and methodology related to the design, development, and use of technology resources. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation and selection of Internet resources, educational software, productivity tools, and other emerging technologies in the educational environment. Students will develop skills in the production and effective use of print, projected, and displayed communication using technology tools.

EDUC 373- Designed to integrate physical, biological, earth/science concepts, and the teaching of science. Experiences in inquiry-based problem solving using primary and integrated science process skills stressed. Age-appropriate science content and teaching methodologies are studied. The course also explores issues regarding safe science, evaluating student comprehension in science, and addressing state and national science standards. Field experiences with children in a school setting required. It is strongly recommended that students have completed seven credit hours of science before enrolling in this course.

EDUC 458- Capstone seminar open to all teaching majors and minors.  This course provides a synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge and pedagogical practices.  Integrates knowledge gained from Core 39, subject area coursework, and professional education core.  The course examines current issues faced by teaching professionals in today’s schools.

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