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KIN 485: Methods of Personal Training

This course introduces students to methods of personal training in helping students learn how to work with clients during the initial consultation process, the design of appropriate cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training programs, and proper orientation techniques. 

KIN 495: Personal Training Certification Review

This certification review course will be a review of design with exercise program guidelines and variables: protocols for building aerobic, resistance, and flexibility training programs; and guidance on how to build clientele through professional development. This course is designed to prepare students to sit for a personal training certification exam. 

EXSC 394: Measurement and Evaluation

This course describes the development and implementation of physical and cognitive tests in physical education and exercise science. Included in this course are techniques for data analysis and student assessment through the use of current, basic testing, and statistical procedures

EXSC 475: Strength and Conditioning Techniques

This course will cover the techniques utilized in the field of strength and conditioning. This will include: resistance training, speed, plyometric, flexibility, and core/balance exercises and drills. Exercise choice and progression for each area will be covered.

EXSC 478: National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Exam Review

This certification review course will be a review and further application of the concepts required to be certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. The exam content is focused on four areas: exercise technique, program design, organization and administration, and testing and evaluation

EXSC 487: Principles and Applications of Fitness Training

Students will focus on developing information geared toward fitness training methods in designing safe, effective, and goal-specific protocols for building skill-related fitness training programs for the general population and those who are athletes. Proper exercise techniques, instructional approaches, common performance errors, and client interaction will be discussed. 

EXSC 488: Program Design for Special Populations

The student will learn to modify exercise for individual and groups based on age, medical conditions, and special needs. The areas covered will include but are not limited to coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthmas, obesity, arthritis, pregnancy, and physically and mentally challenged. 

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