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Dr. Hall's PhD research was on air-coupled ultrasonic tomography of concrete.  At the ACI Fall 2011 Convention, he was able to present “Tomography of Concrete by Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Measurements” from his dissertation in the Open Paper Session. Dr. Hall has continued to work on further developing the computational modelling of this work and written two papers which have been accepted to a technical journal for publication in January 2016. This research is ongoing.

In the summers of 2012-2014, Dr. Hall began a research program working on non-destructive testing (NDT) of roller compacted concrete (RCC) during the Early Undergraduate Research Program (EURP). Together with the students, he completed preliminary testing on a few laboratory specimens, and began field testing. By collaborating with local concrete producers, they hope to run different NDT techniques on in-situ RCC slabs to evaluate differences between the performance of RCC and conventional concrete.

Dr. Hall also began a new project titled “Evaluation of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement and Structure Coring and In-situ Testing Alternatives” in the summer of 2013 in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This project is funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation. His involvement will include cooperation in the planning of the non-destructive testing and statistical analysis of the significance of the results. The subaward to USI is $19,318 which provides wages for a student to work on the project, travel costs, and a small stipend. This work has been progressing and Dr. Hall has hired two student assistants to help with the analysis work in Spring 2015 and Summer 2015. They are working on the final report in Summer 2016 and will then write a few journal articles on this work.

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