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EDUC 221 Diversity and Equity in Education

The purpose of this course is to explore the theory and knowledge base that supports multicultural education and an awareness of diversity within American society. Topics include a critical study of issues related to race, ethnicity, abilities, language, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

EDUC 381 Language, Literacy, and Culture

In this course, students study concepts, theories and research related to the nature and acquisition of second language so as to construct learning environments that support culturally and linguistically diverse learners' literacy, language development and content-area achievement. 

EDUC 590 Exploring Educational Communities

In this course students critically analyze three key concepts: education, community, and space. Students will apply knowledge and analytical skills acquired in this course to a final action-based project that they design. 

EDUC 590 Equity Education

The purpose of this course is to explore anti-racist frameworks for approaching diverse learning environments. Focus topics in this course will include teacher identity, racial bias in the classroom, pedagogy, discipline and classroom management, language, and literacies.

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