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I am an active person, hardworking, and enthusiastic about new projects, especially if those projects involve other partners that show the same interests as me. I have been devoted to teaching during the last 20 years -the last 12 years in American Universities. I have developed a sense of balance between my work and my pleasure for doing what I like most: helping others to succeed in life, assisting students in their needs with all my energy, my soul and mind working for the benefit of young people, helping them to understand other cultures and other ways of thinking. This positive attitude toward my work has given fruits to me, and eventually, frustrations. When I see my ideas mismatch those of others, when my enthusiasm does not impact others’ minds, I feel disheartened. However, I have learned from such experiences as well. One of my strengths is to be persistent up to reaching my goals. When something is relevant to me, I can even wait for years. I am not only talking about tangible things, but also intangible, which are retributive to my own formation as an educator, and also, as a human being.

At the VIII Coloquio Internacional Afroamerica, UNAM, Mexico City

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