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 Undergraduate Nursing program

   Introduction to Patient Care - Course Coordinator

    This course explores concepts essential to nursing practice with a focus on nursing interventions and skills.

   Nursing Care of Adults I - Lecturer, clinical instructor

    This course focus on the application of the nursing process and further develops cognitive,   affective, and psychomotor skills necessary to provide nursing care for adults within a legal,  ethical, and culturally sensitive framework.

   Pharmacology for Nurses - Course Coordinator, Lecturer

     This course provides the student with an introduction to pharmacotherapeutics, safe administration of medications, and medications related to the care of patient with specific disorders.

   Leadership in Care Delivery - Course Coordinator, clinical instructor

     This course provides prelicensure nursing students knowledge and skills for the application and synthesis of leadership theories, principles, and practices within the context of care delivery.

  Care of Elders and Families - Course coordinator, lecturer

    This course focuses on the integration of theories of aging, standards of practice, cultural influences, and pertinent public policy in the assessment of and intervention or older adults.

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