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Priyadarshine Hewavitharanage

Priyadarshine Hewavitharanage

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Department

Science Center - 2279

Consultant, Center for Applied Research, University of Southern Indiana.

Areas of expertise: Polymer synthesis and characterization/Organic synthesis/photochemistry

Courses teach:

CHEM 351 Polymer Chemistry

CHEM 241 Principles of Organic and Biochemistry

CHEM 103/107 introductory Chemistry course for non- major students

CHEM 499 Chemistry Research

CHEM 218/418 Chemistry seminar

Research Interests:

Design and synthesis of novel polymeric and monomeric fluorescent compounds for photodynamic therapy (a treatment that uses special dye molecule (photosensitizing agents), along with light to kill cancer cells.

Design and synthesis of fluorescent compounds for cellular imaging.

Design and synthesis of polymeric and monomeric compounds for electronic applications.


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