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 USI Courses and Past Syllabi

POLS 104: Intro to Public Administration

POLS 232/331: Research Design/Data Collection

POLS 323: Public and Nonprofit Personnel Administration (Undergraduate)

POLS 332: Statistics and Data Analysis

POLS 363: Public and Nonprofit Organizational Behavior (Undergraduate)

POLS 465/PA565: Comparative Public Policy

POLS 498: Independent Study in Advanced Econometrics

PA 601: Public and Nonprofit Organizational Behavior (Graduate)

PA 605: Foundations of Nonprofit Administration

PA 606: Pubic and Nonprofit Personnel Administration (Graduate)

PA 611: Public Leadership

PA 618: Research Methods in Public Administration

PA 631: Resource Development and Fundraising

PA 684: Grant Writing

PA 697: Capstone
        Student Created Capstone Report for Town of Newburgh



Past Courses Include:

MPS 542: Policy Design and Analysis, DePaul University

MPS 613: Comparative Public Policy, DePaul University

MPS 587: Research Methods II, DePaul University

MPS 586: Research Methods I, DePaul University

MPS 519: Resource Development, DePaul University

MPS 500: Introduction to Public Service Management, DePaul University

MNA 76510: Leadership, University of Notre Dame Online

SPEA V366: Organizational Behavior, Indiana University

SPEA V/E 100: Introduction to Theories and Practice of Leadership, Indiana University

SPEA V241: Public Management, Indiana University

GLLC G491: Returning from study abroad, Indiana University

GLLC G291: Preparing to study abroad, Indiana University

SPEA V263: Public Administration, Indiana University

SPEA K300: Introduction to Statistics, Indiana University

SPEA V500: PUblic Management

Reading American Literature, Guiyang College

Oral English, Guiyang College

Culture of English Speaking Countries, Guiyang College

Educational Leadership 100: Chancellors Leadership Class, University of Missouri

Public Affairs 4001: Leadership in Theory and Practice, University of Missouri

Education Counseling and Personnel Services 317: Introduction to Leadership, University of Maryland

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