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 I am motivated to teach because I wish to share my enthusiasm for science and discovery with my students. I was first exposed to the challenges and rewards of undergraduate instruction when, as a Howard Hughes Teaching Fellow, I was given the opportunity to introduce freshmen science majors to my post-doctoral research topic: molecular self-assembly and its relationship to the origins of life. At the end of this fellowship, I decided to pursue a posting at a primarily
undergraduate institution. Since I started at USI, I have spent a considerable portion of my time developing my approach to teaching and course materials in order to address my students’ needs.

Another rewarding aspect of my occupation is advising students and I have been active in developing my advising skills. 




Courses that I have taught


Organic Chemistry I lecture and laboratory (CHEM 353), developed new laboratories and served as lab coordinator

Organic Chemistry II lecture and laboratory (CHEM 354), developed new laboratories and served as lab coordinator

Advanced Organic Chemistry lecture and laboratory (CHEM 453), developed course on organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry and developed associated laboratory course

General, Organic and Biochemistry for health profession majors, lecture and laboratory (CHEM 141)

General Chemistry for non-science majors, laboratory (CHEM 107)

Medical Seminar Course (HONS 291)

Chemistry Seminar, coordinated sophomore talks, senior presentations and served as overall coordinator (CHEM 218, 318, 418)

Chemical Research, served as research advisor for several chemistry majors (CHEM 499)


Advising Information

Premed advisor

Faculty advisor, USI American Chemical Society Student Member Chapter 2008 – present

2011 USI Outstanding Advisor Award

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